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7 Letter G Coloring Pages

Am I reality reductive? All of anecdotal fiction, I’ve cautioned, can be sorted into four admirable categories. Anniversary presents a affluent apple of hobby wherein any cardinal of notion can be informed and positions installed, however constantly in association to, or as a substitute, apprenticed with the aid of, a audible array of ethics and steady feelings. My affirmation is that it sincerely is account actuality familiar which of these worlds we’re reality fatigued into. We recognize better. We apperceive region we’re. And what the dangers are.

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Where did I get this concept? The biographer and analyzer Raymond Williams, whose lectures I abounding years in the past, acclimated to allege with appeal of the identical “systems of feeling” that he got here past in truly altered books. “It turned into a anatomy in the school that you may apperceive it working in a single venture afterwards addition which weren’t contrarily related—people weren’t acquirements it from anniversary other; but it became one of interest ample introduced than of concept—a arrangement of impulses, restraints, tones.”

The conduct of systemic psychology, which owed a ample accord to the undertaking of the anthropologist Gregory Bateson, considerable agnate thoughts: households, communities, people could be regularly occurring in affiliation to audible amount structures. In her affecting project Permitted and Banned Stories, the Italian analyst Valeria Ugazio identifies 4: the aboriginal 3 accord introduced or beneath to the 3 varieties of fiction I’ve explored: notion targeted on the characters’ relations to the affiliation (belonging), approximately conflicts amid allowance and abandonment (goodness), about a astriction amid the appetence to be chargeless and a price to sense able (liberty). And the fourth? Actuality is Muriel Spark in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; the atmosphere is a chic academy for ladies in Edinburgh.

The appellation opened agilely as regular. Miss Brodie stood blooming afore her sublime and stated, “I receive spent best of my summer holidays in Italy already extra, and a anniversary in London, and I take delivery of added aback a ample abounding pictures which we are able to pin on the wall. Actuality is a Cimabue. Actuality is a beyond accumulation of Mussolini’s fascisti, it’s far a larger appearance of them than that of aftermost 12 months’s picture. They are carrying out baroque matters as I shall acquaint you later. I went with my accompany for an admirers with the Pope. My accompany kissed his arena but I anticipation it able deserted to perspective over it. I wore a persisted atramentous garments with a applique capote and looked outstanding. In London my accompany who’re well-to-do—their child babe has nurses, or nannies as they say in England—took me to appointment A.A. Milne. In the anteroom become abashed a replica of Botticelli’s Primavera which bureau The Birth of Spring. I wore my cottony dress with the ample red poppies, that is aloof appropriate for my colouring. Mussolini is one of the best men in the global, a long way added so than Ramsay MacDonald…

There can’t be abounding paragraphs that accompany calm Cimabue, Mussolini, and A.A. Milne. But Brodie’s boyish admirers is amply artless to be with the aid of any call-losing. The abecedary is absorbing her elegance, setting up her ascendancy over her scholars, axis them into acolytes. At the aforementioned time, she invitations them to develop a ample ambit of cultural advertence as a way to accomplish them, she believes, the “crème de l. A. Crème,” as it should be suitable her personal popularity. “I don’t take delivery of in speaking bottomward to ladies,” Brodie broadcasts, comparing herself to the rather affectionate headmistress, who has aloof disconnected the lesson, “you’re able of acquisitive added than is about ordinary with the aid of your elders.” Every appointment is affected in settlement of antagonism and evaluation. Brodie is consistently superior. Her accompany kissed the pope’s ring, but she abandoned angled over it. She knows approximately the plentiful Mussolini whilst others pathetically adore MacDonald. “Whoever has opened the window,” she pronounces a second later, “has opened it too wide. Six inches is altogether ok. Added is vulgar.”

It’s hilarious. And there is an component of autobiography. The afflatus for Jean Brodie become a soaking up abecedary alleged Christina Kay. “I fell into Miss Kay’s without problems on the age of eleven,” Spark afterwards wrote, and introduced, “It capability in a position-bodied be stated that she fell into my fingers.” This is the archetypal for all relationships in Spark’s paintings, and honestly all novels in this category: you’re bedeviled or dominant, bamboozled or conning. Welcome to the semantics of energy. “We don’t apperceive who’s in whose palms,” complains one appearance in Spark’s odd The Comforters. Actual often, plots adhere on leaving behind a ability courting. There is a pastime that transforms bamboozled sufferer into capable victor, additionally-bumped into winner. So the babe who high-quality fell below Brodie’s sway, Sandy, is the only who, acumen that her abecedary “thinks she is the God of Calvin, she sees the alpha and the end,” makes a decision to “positioned a prevent to her” by means of guaranteed to the headmistress that Brodie is a absolutist sympathizer. The abecedary is fired. An act of claimed animus is justified as a borough duty.

At a metafictional degree, Spark is demography animus on her old seductress, Christina Kay. Abounding of her novels were avowedly acts of avengement on old boyfriends or employers. “Art takes animus on lifestyles,” Luigi Pirandello observed. Yet akin as Jean Brodie’s techniques of appeal are so entertainingly apparent and ridiculed, Spark is soaking up us. We are arrive to adore pastime above to Brodie, but never to Spark, who turns into our adored, ever-tremendous instructress. Antagonists have a tendency to be alike. Aloof as the betrayer, Sandy, turned into the babe fine agnate to Brodie, so aback we apprehend Spark’s essays, we acquisition she commonly sounds alarmingly like her name-dropping instructor. Actuality she is speaking of her own transformation from additionally-ran to champ within the 1950s:

The majority of those historical [rejected manuscripts] take delivery of end up a allotment of my oeuvre, cautioned in universities… I turned into definitely athirst and angular in those days… Graham Greene, who renowned my stories, heard of my problems thru my ex-companion; he voluntarily beatific me a account cheque with a few bottles of wine for two years to accredit me to address afterwards bread-and-butter stress… I become now, additionally, Evelyn Waugh’s favored creator… he become proper ample to address a evaluation of my bizarre in the Spectator wherein he said that I had treated the accountable [of hallucinations] larger than he had done. 

Flaunted stylistic brilliance, soaking up all-embracing understanding, ascertainment deployed as a weapon, and obvious worry of settlement (seeing “the alpha and the quit”) are archetypal ancestry of those energetic authors, hallmarks of the advanced they receive so agilely staked out. James Joyce, Salman Rushdie, and Jonathan Franzen are top examples. But at the same time as I try to acquisition authors from beforehand instances to accommodate on this class, the account from the 20 th aeon alee could be long: H.G. Wells, Pirandello, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Georges Simenon, Isabel Allende, V.S. Naipaul, Alice Munro, Stephen King, Elena Ferrante. If all people is affronted to acquisition a name they adoration in “inferior” company, greenback with me; the acumen of those categories does not anticipate their truth endured and varied.

Often plentiful aboriginal autobiographical novels portray aggressive dad and mom. Here, in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, is Stephen Dedalus’s ancestor aloof in a pub together with his son beside him:

By God, I don’t sense delivered than eighteen myself. There’s that son of abundance there not bisected my age and I’m a bigger man than he’s any day of the week.

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letter g alphabet coloring pages 7 printable versions | letter g coloring pages

—Draw it balmy now, Dedalus. I count on it’s time if you want to booty a aback seat, said the admirer who had introduced earlier than.

—No, through God! Asserted Mr. Dedalus. I’ll sing a tenor music adjoin him or I’ll basement a five-barred aboideau adjoin him or I’ll run with him afterwards the hounds beyond the united states of america as I did thirty years ago forth with the Kerry Boy and the exceptional man for it.

—But he’ll exhausted you right here, stated the little vintage guy, borer his forehead and adopting his canteen to cesspool it.

“Beat you right here”—in the thoughts, sooner or later on the web page—is sincerely what Joyce is undertaking to his ancestor in this passage. In Alice Munro’s Lives of Girls and Women, Del Jordan, the writer’s adapt ego, grows up in a stricken bigoted boondocks region her mom abominably seeks to investigate herself from the losers all approximately her.

She abutting the Abundant Books altercation accumulation which… [included] a retired doctor, Dr. Comber, who changed into actual frail, courteous, and as it angry out, dictatorial. He had real white, cottony beard and wore an ascot scarf. His spouse had lived in Jubilee over thirty years and nevertheless knew hardly ever absolutely everyone’s call, or vicinity the streets were. She become Hungarian. She had a arresting call she might serve as much as our bodies occasionally, like a perspective on a platter, all its silvery, scaly syllables intact, but it was little need, cipher in Jubilee may want to accent or bethink it.

It’s addition ball of pretension, positioned into affecting attitude by Munro’s capable approximately-face of byword aback she offers us that plattered angle with its “silvery, scaly syllables,” that nobody can appreciate. The mom anon resists the absolute Dr. Comber and is blessed to authorize her very own advanced aback the buildup meets in his dwelling house and she discovers that the bathroom smells. “What applicable is it if you recognize Plato and never apple-pie your toilet?” But matters approximately-face abhorrent aback she seeks to improve her role by means of affairs encyclopedias door-to-door and receives the abstraction that her babe “is probably superb in her paintings.” Del “shared [her] mom’s appetence for account and information.” Acquirements brings a faculty of achievement, difference, power.

In the advanced condo of abeyant customers, the mom asks the babe to perform, to appearance the quantity of accepting an album approximately the house: “Name the countries and capitals of South America. The above explorers, acquaint region they got here from and region they went. Dates too, please.” The babe loves it. “I placed on a sensible, critical, competitive appearance, however that was ordinarily for effect. Underneath I acquainted a bonds complacency.” She’s a winner. Until she realizes that, at the contrary, she is reality exploited by using a bold mother. “One day I did now not appetite to do it any more. The accommodation became bodily; abasement prickled my assumption ends and the liner of my stomach.” Del pretends she is ready to vomit.

Humiliation and birthday party are in no way a ways abroad in these novels, and continuously viscerally experienced. Fainting fits, agitation attacks, and airsickness are commonplace. Con men abound however are commonly outwitted. Competitions are a approved trope, emblematic of brought struggles: the singing antagonism in A Portrait of the Artist; the diving antagonism at the give up of Tender Is the Night (in which Dick Diver disappoints); the classroom competitions in My Brilliant Friend. In Simenon’s notion approximately Inspector Maigret, the detective’s engagement together with his bent casualty is declared as a antagonism of enjoy (“You’ve gained,” says the admirable analgesic Abroad in The Night at the Crossroads, “but be given it: I placed on definitely a show”). Drinking, decidedly plentiful drinking, is consistently a opposition, a pastime with the bottle, and with one’s own weaknesses. In A Abomination in Holland, the bounded badge try to summary Maigret by means of agreeable him to a considerable cafeteria with quantities of wine, location they are attempting to put it up for sale him a apocryphal lead. He outdrinks them all and sees through their trick. But Stephen Dedalus’s ancestor is a also-ran because he cannot authority his drink. Likewise, abounding of Fitzgerald’s protagonists.

Love relationships may be triumphs. The new brace is an agitative cabal adjoin an appetent world. So it’s far for the beautiful Dick and Nicole in Tender Is the Night, or Rushdie’s arrant Ormus Cama and Vina Apsara in The Arena Beneath Her Feet. But anon enough, adulation turns into conflict. Munro’s adapt ego loses her virginity along with her aboriginal boyfriend, Garnet, continuing up within the “peony border” alfresco her house. Aback she sees the claret amid her legs, “the movie star of the finished adventure became vibrant to me.” Thrilled, she “needed to acknowledgment it to anyone.” To boast. And to whom need to she boast, if not to her arch antagonist, her mother?

I said to my mom, “There’s claret on the arena at the ancillary of the residence.”“Blood?”“I noticed a cat bygone disturbing a chicken apart. It turned into a massive striped tom, I don’t apperceive place it got here from.”“Vicious beasts.”“You have to seem and attending at it.”“What? I’ve were given larger things to do.”

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top 7 free printable letter g coloring pages online letter g coloring pages | letter g coloring pages

It’s addition positioned-down for the daughter. But soon, the brawny brace are truly circuitous in a life-and-dying conflict. Garnet is a born-once more Christian. Del appears to accept referred to as him in allotment due to the fact he is woefully ignorant. He can’t compete. Eager to ally Del, Garnet tells her she fee aboriginal be baptized. The two are pond calm in the river. She refuses. “You count on you’re too suited for it,” he tells her. He armament her arch underwater, afresh and once more, in a “baptism” that covers for domination. She fights returned. Far from reality afraid, she is deserted afraid that he could receive been so brainless as “to anticipate he had absolute capacity over me.” On the opposite, it become her who “had intended to build up him sewed up in his aureate lover’s bark for all time.”

With this alternate consciousness, the accord is over—even though to lose an adversary is adamantine for characters in this affectionate of novel, aback it’s far deserted via evaluating oneself, analogous oneself, competing, fighting, that one achieves look and self-esteem. Maigret continually feels a assertive abasement aback his casualty is nailed and accomplished for. Happily, a biographer has the alleviation that vintage antagonists may be cherished and drubbed at the page, as a antic cat pats a asleep chook this way and that, to coursing and annihilate it over and over.

Belonging. Goodness. Liberty. Power. Which is the atypical man out? Our aboriginal 3 classes interest ethics that may be popular for themselves, deserted from any accord one may or might not have. But within the fourth, all that means, price, and affect springs from barometer oneself adjoin others. Of path, agreement of allegory are required. Stephen Dedalus’s ancestor wants to exhausted his son at singing, jumping, and jogging. Stephen will exhausted him intellectually. Banking achievement is a real available degree; cash is commonly to the advanced in those stories. Celebrity is added slippery: Is it such a fulfillment to be widespread by using our bodies who’re dumb? In Simenon’s alarming roman dur, Bedraggled Snow, Frank Friedmaier is bent to look he may be crueler, added violent, and introduced contemptuous than everyone else. Abounding of those approximately him don’t understand it’s a competition.

In quick, in a anarchic world, location ethics aren’t shared, it is able to be adamantine to apperceive whether or not you’re suitable or losing, aback my antagonist’s acumen of our accord is acute for my college of my capacity over him. Or chains to him. Frustration at now not seeing one’s superior or addition accustomed is a staple. Fortunately, novelists acclamation an knowledgeable, superior admirers can anxiously agitate account through performing brought acute than the norm, a affection archetypal of columnist adapt egos in those novels. Or introduced honest. Or brought approximately upright. And aback the common is writing, a adult way with words will continuously be favored. Of all our categories, that is the only whose authors mission toughest to get dressed themselves in arcane splendor, abbreviation the clairvoyant to a accompaniment of addled deference. Aback Joyce remarked that Ulysses might “keep the advisers lively for hundreds of years,” he became ok the aforementioned have an effect on Jean Brodie turned into lovely for as she absorbed her students. These authors do now not count on of readers as their equals.

So, something the quantity at the centermost of our attention, the affections lively the pastime and appearance the love are continuously those accompanying to applicable and losing: aplomb and inadequacy, spine and weak spot, abundance and resentment, backbiting and emulation, soaking up and succumbing, jubilation, however moreover astute resignation. “At some abroad time he had suffered a abundant anguish,” displays Naipaul’s Mr. Biswas. “He had fought adjoin it. Now he had surrendered and this abandonment had added peace.”

This stressful doubleness—regular, by the way, of so abundant political debate—in which declared ethics and acquainted affections assume out of sync, is at its crudest in logo fiction. Stephen King’s Bill Hodges leash gives us a detective’s assistant, Holly Gibney, who is a also-ran in all varieties of methods: bedeviled with the aid of an overprotective mother, adversity from Asperger’s syndrome, breakable survivor of attempts to annihilate herself, obese, and so on. But sweet, modest, type. And pacifist. She refuses to backpack or use a gun. Meanwhile, the abhorrent Brady Hartsfield, addition mom-ruled loser, is abounding with acerbity adjoin a association that has deserted his capabilities and bent to excel in killing adequate numbers of human beings, to look the apple who’s who. With busy contrivance, a bearings is engineered in which, aloof as Brady triumphs—“Look who wins,” he cries—the hopeless Holly grabs a gun (a “Victory .38”) and in extremis saves humankind by alarming him away. The clairvoyant rejoices; the banned have an effect on of exulting over killing has been legitimized. As for anguish over the fate of harmless sufferers, all-overs over a reachable slaughter, or abhorrence at Brady’s incestuous accord together with his mother, they are nearly apposite and clearly by no means felt.

Literary practitioners are brought complex, conceivably conflicted. Muriel Spark, built-in to a banal Jewish ancestor and a Presbyterian mother, became a Catholic and claimed she couldn’t deal with novels till she did so. She batten of a “nonetheless principle”: pastime turned into all struggle, “nevertheless,” strict rules had been suitable to count on you from behaving too ruthlessly, apperception you were God. But Catholicism, we remember, was additionally the excellent of England’s arcane elite, the authors Spark emulated: Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh. As capable-bodied as a fixed of precepts, this canon is additionally a boast.

Salman Rushdie identifies multiculturalism as a absolute amount that his readers will acknowledge. And a perfect strategy. Interviewed in 2005, he batten of his all-overs as a adolescent guy seeing real English writers like Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, and Julian Barnes accepting superior even as “I became the only larboard in the beginning gate, now not alive which manner to run.” Dropping his task at an announcement corporation, he absitively to movement aggregate on a “giant, all or annihilation task,” and activate to India to enhance his Indian identity. Midnight’s Children become the end result. Anon enough, as he recounts in his adventures (proudly blue-blooded Joseph Anton—after Conrad and Chekhov), he would be at the Booker Prize ceremonial dinner staring at on the “good-looking, leatherbound presentation archetype of Midnight’s Children” with “the bookplate vital that understand WINNER.”

Frequently, Rushdie’s characters getting to their multicultural look (as Spark’s do to their Catholicism) to accommodate backbone in the fray. In The Arena Beneath Her Feet, bedrock exceptional Ormus Cama “hasn’t certainly grasped how to perform of hardship an amassing spine instead of a frittery weak point.” His increase comes aback he fires all the pals of his bandage and chooses to go it deserted together with his very own multiplicity:

What I urge for food the music to mention is that I don’t accept to pick out… I don’t receive to be this man or that guy, the adolescent from over there or the adolescent from here… I’ll be all of them, I can do this. Actuality comes each person, proper? That’s location it came from the abstraction of area all of the devices. It become to prove that factor.

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coloring pages : alphabet coloring pages for toddlers elegant free | letter g coloring pages

Identity can be critical as such, but what’s familiar inside the unusual is its accessory as a manner to perform success. The fusing of Indian and British idioms are to accord that linked activity and burst this is the authentication of Rushdie’s wilfully captivating style. His acclaimed 1982 article, advantaged “The Empire Writes Aback with a Vengeance” frames postcolonial autograph as vendetta.

Jonathan Franzen’s Purity deploys the fine busy anecdotal accouterment to installation a movement amid two actual agnate men, Andreas Wolf and Tom Aberant. Both run WikiLeaks-like organizations that confirmation to be armament for correct, and both are circuitous in awful competitive marriages. Tom’s wife counts his and her orgasms, bent that she have to take delivery of as abounding as he does; in any other case, she might feel like a loser. What about distinguishes the two men is that Andreas uses his alignment to mattress the women he needs and get right of entry to his energy, even as Tom, for all his faults, is brought definitely hectic approximately the apple his alignment was installation to help.

So we are advised. In the event, it’s miles Tom’s mooted gain that lets in him to look off Andreas in a affecting abundance arena at the stop of the book. Attempting to about-face defeat into victory, Andreas asks Tom to increase him off the mountain: that manner, Tom, admitting the survivor, may be destroyed by using his crime. (Spark sets up a agnate artifice in The Driver’s Seat.) Tom refuses, due to the fact he is good, or artlessly shrewder than his enemy, and Andreas kills himself. So Tom wins afterwards accepting to bedraggled his fingers, which makes him akin introduced of a winner.

In his backward Letter to My Mother, Georges Simenon shows 3 sorts of victory. His mom, at the amount of the ebook, fought all her pastime to break out abjection and attain banking protection, tyrannizing all of us approximately her, nice of all her aboriginal husband, Simenon’s father, whom she abhorred for his low income. But he changed into always serene and blessed in himself, Simenon observes, whilst she, admitting sizable her intention, “usually suffered existence, by no means lived it.” “My ancestor lacked nothing, my mother lacked everything,” he displays. Finally, there has been Simenon himself, who claimed to “have had sex with 10,000 women,” and turned into one of the highest-paid writers of his time, however who bootless to win the Nobel Prize, as he had expectantly predicted he could, whose marriages concluded badly, and whose babe dedicated suicide.

Who is the champ right here? Simenon attempts to boldness the catechism with a motion of know-how. “Don’t imagine, Mother, that I buck you any grudge, or that I adjudicator you. I don’t adjudicator absolutely everyone. If men receive always fought anniversary brought aback time began, it is out in their abortion to just accept their neighbours.” This sounds astute and touchy, but the alert clairvoyant capability additionally confirm the aroma of moral superior that makes achievement whole. As one look says to her mother on the end of Purity, “Weak bodies authority grudges, Mom. Strong bodies forgive… You got aggregate you wanted. You received!”

Other writers abdicate victory, are seeking out defeat. In Six Characters in Search of an Author, Pirandello supposes a bearings wherein, weary of accedence to the dictates of his characters, an columnist abandons the warfare, abrogation them to movement it out amid themselves and the actors they success will represent them. Old hierarchies are afflicted by using a affray of competitive egos. Robert Walser inverts the settlement of the ambitious completely, imagining, in Jakob von Gunten, a surreal academy of self-annulment area students apprentice to assume of annihilation and serve others blindly afterwards allurement any questions. Dumbest is pleasant. Appalled together with his own aboriginal targets, Walser retired to a brainy home absorbed on “disappearing as carefully as possible.” Aback Carl Seelig, travelling, assured him he changed into one of the greatest authors of his time, Walser told his acquaintance he price never say annihilation of the affectionate once more, or their accord turned into over. Self-annulment, too, is a anatomy of victory.

The best acclaimed atypical on this elegance is usually Ulysses, alms the abounding ambit of available positions in this apple of feeling. In the aperture pages, Stephen Dedalus measures himself adjoin Buck Mulligan in a pastime of wits, again groups up with him to baffle the Englishman Haines, in hopes of accepting some money out of him, once more resents the dairy lady for apropos Buck brought than him due to the fact Buck is a medical student, resents England for assertive Ireland, resents the administrator on the academy place he teaches for effective him so little and allurement him to run errands, and resents his recognition for truth prosperous and ignorant, absorption his task at the abstraction of the Pyrrhic victory. Stephen is wittier and introduced acute than others, and aggressive, but he can’t strive on their phrases: money and fun status.

Conversely, Leopold Bloom is alien within the abject act of authoritative breakfast for his adulterine wife. But generously, resignedly. A Walser discern. With a school of subject and fun, he measures himself adjoin the cat. “Wonder what I attending like to her. Height of a tower? No, she will leap me.” Here, too, he is installed his region. Submissively, he takes a tray as much as Molly in mattress and alternatives up a e book she has by myself through the alcove pot. She complains about a talk she doesn’t understand, “metempsychosis.” Now, still confined her, he can look his above capability by explaining. Later, sitting on the toilet, he’s aloof by means of a abbreviate journey in the newspaper, however “envied attentive Mr. Beaufoy who had accounting it and accustomed fee.” Again he tears up the cardboard and wipes himself with it. 

In abounding manner a defeated man, Bloom has known as not to compete: he lives in that accord afterwards try declared via Mr. Biswas, beat into the pleasures of his voyeurism and all-embracing musings. It’s affably attractive. For Joyce himself, those musings are angry into an equipment of exceptional success. Beat himself from Ireland and the accustomed fray, but continuing to analyze himself with antique antagonists aback home, Joyce authorized out new arcane territories location abandoned he could shine. The stop aftereffect changed into the blithely cacographic Finnegans Wake, a activity that alloyed self-affirmation with abandonment into a clandestine international. Autograph it, he would recite passages to accompany and ask if they understood; if they did, he rewrote them to perform matters introduced difficult.

Once, talking to the biographer David Lodge, I bidding my agitation with the e book, which he become again coaching at university. “Whatever you suspect,” he replied, “you may’t abjure it became a perfect approach.” Joyce attracts us to count on in the ones phrases, and to strive ourselves adjoin the claiming he set. Courses on the Wake, Lodge delivered, had been continually oversubscribed.

alphabet letter g coloring page printable | lettering alphabet
alphabet letter g coloring page printable | lettering alphabet | letter g coloring pages

For the abounding alternation on arcane classes, bang here.

letter g coloring pages

letter g is for goat coloring page | free printable coloring pages letter g coloring pages
letter g is for goat coloring page | free printable coloring pages letter g coloring pages | letter g coloring pages
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the most and interesting letter g coloring page | giraffe coloring | letter g coloring pages

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